e: Subject to such conditions in such manner as may be prescribed, be responsible for promoting and financing:-

  1. The development of education in all sectors with priority being given for the female education, primary education, education in rural areas technical and vocational education.
  2. Surveys and studies, to identify areas of malfunctioning in the educational system and suggesting remedies therefore.
  3. Educational and innovational programs particularly relating to achievement of universal literacy, training in skill and trade oriented discipline, functional literacy, particularly in the primary sector, and education of the exceptional disabled, retarded and problem children.
  4. Research and field scale testing of educational approaches, methodologies and technologies.
  5. Activities of educational societies and arrangements of seminars, symposia workshops and other such activities.
  6. Modernization of curricula with emphasis on Islamic, national, economic and industrial aspects.
  7. In special cases, in accordance with the priorities of education development programs of government, the establishment by the Foundation of educational institutions and projects in the educationally deficient areas.
  8. Procurement, distribution and development of educational materials and tools.
  9. Schemes formulated for training of teachers and other staff; and
  10. Schemes for improving the quality and standard of education in the privately managed institution.

f: Perform such function as:

  1. Preparing and submitting schemes to government for the development of educational programs andprojects including schemes for research and modernization of education
  2. Giving effect to approve schemes;
  3. Improving teachers Training institutions:
  4. Encouraging the formation of voluntary associations in furtherance of the purposes of the Act;
  5. Taking appropriate measures for integration,coordination consolidation and monitoring of privately managed institutions and projects; and